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Our Values

Inclusion Is a Choice

Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is a choice. Belonging is an outcome. From formulas created for skin of all shades and comprehensive clinical studies to the community we cultivate on social media, inclusivity is core to our ethos at Sepia.

Planet First Pledge

Sustainability is an ongoing journey, and we strive to minimize our environmental impact with every decision we make. We innovate with eco-conscious packaging, offset our plastic footprint and partner with third parties like Bluebird Climate and Waste Revolution, always prioritizing people and the planet.

Mindful Formulations

Our formulas utilize research-backed ingredients in optimal dosages—for safe and effective products that deliver measurable results. Though we meet many clean guidelines, we chose not to label ourselves as "clean" because we care about the nuance lost when using an unregulated term.

Our Story

Mike Modula & Anna Bueno

Active, consciously created skincare, refined to the essentials and developed for every skin tone.

Founded by a beauty industry expert and a clinical researcher, Sepia is mindfully formulated, inclusively tested and eco-consciously packaged. We have exceedingly high standards about what we put on our skin—and what we put out into the world.

Along with the products we develop, we also share research and resources to help people who are looking for solutions to their skin concerns, as well as context around the decisions we make. We’re creating a space for nuance and representation within the skincare industry; one where education is at the forefront, everyone is welcome and all complexions are celebrated.

Above all we believe in inclusion, sustainability and transparency, which means fewer, better products—a simplified routine of effective, evidence-based formulas that have been clinically proven to support all skin tones. A way to prioritize community care—as well as self-care—and open the conversation about a more considered approach to beauty.

skin. care. for everyone.

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