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Inclusion Is a Choice

Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is a choice. Belonging is an outcome.

From formulas created for skin of all shades and comprehensive clinical studies to the community we cultivate on social media, inclusivity is core to our ethos at Sepia.

Formulations That Respect Melanin 

At the heart of our formulation process lies a simple yet still groundbreaking idea: our products are effective, efficient and gentle for all skin tones, including melanin-rich skin. In partnership with a leading cosmetic innovation lab and a BIPOC cosmetic chemist, we create formulas that support all complexions in both the long and short term.

Skinclusive Clinical Studies

The beauty industry has a long history of clinical studies that lack diversity and transparency. At Sepia, we recognize that skin concerns and treatment outcomes can vary based on skin type and tone. We prioritize inclusivity in our third-party-run clinical studies by striving for equal representation across all six Fitzpatrick skin phototypes and consciously including people of different ethnic backgrounds and genders. Our goal is not only to empower you as an informed skincare consumer, but also to ensure that you can see yourself reflected in the results of our clinical studies. For more information about our methodology and results, please see our product information page.

Representation Matters

We don’t just celebrate diversity through our marketing campaigns and partnerships with content creators. We’re also committed to building and developing diverse teams, both in leadership and decision-making roles at Sepia and within our network of suppliers. We acknowledge and actively work to overcome unconscious biases by fostering a warm, welcoming environment where everyone’s voice is heard. 

Perfect Skin Vs Skin Health

We believe in healthy skin, not perfect skin. We celebrate the diversity of tone and texture. We reject unrealistic and unattainable beauty standards (that’s why we don’t retouch skin in any of our photography) and instead encourage people to address their unique skin needs. Our mission is to help you feel confident in your own skin.

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